Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Top Rated Forex Brokers

Who Are The Top Rated Forex Brokers?

That my friend is a loaded question and can not be answered easily by just asking the question "who are the best or top rated forex brokers"? There are so many factors that go into selecting the best or top rated Forex Brokers it is almost mind numbing. The longer you are in the forex arena the more you realize just how important choosing the right broker could mean. It could be quite literally the difference between winning or losing your entire trading capital.

I have been trading in the Forex arena for over 7 years and still to this day the #1 all time question asked by junior traders as well as seasoned forex traders is "what forex broker is the best for me"? If you are just starting out looking for a forex broker be very, very careful! This is the single biggest factor, next to how many lots to trade and money management, you will ever make. This decision alone haunts every forex trader before and during their tenure in this financial marketplace.

Everywhere you look, on every website that talks about forex trading almost every promotion is for Forex Brokers. Why, because a lot of forex brokers make a fortune off of unsuspecting clients looking to make it rich in the forex marketplace. Some are even unregulated, can you believe that? But which is better unregulated or over regulated as which we have in my country the USA? Unfortunately the United States has just implemented some of the worst and most suppressive regulations in history. These new regulations make it literally that much more difficult to except to make any money in this financial environment.

Do you know what FIFO is? Or hedging? Or scalping? These are extremely important factors that will shape your decision on what forex broker is the best or top rated for you. Also what is the spread? And did you know some brokers bet against you on your trades? Once you know these answers you will begin to figure out what broker is right for you. Good luck!

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