Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Best Forex Broker Reviews

Best Forex Broker Reviews - eToro is The Best Forex Broker?

The Forex marketplace is very exciting with over $3 trillion traded all over the world daily. However, if you are going to trade you need a good solid trading strategy that you execute with discipline, and a good broker.

eToro was set up with the vision to create an extremely usable trading platform that traders from novices up to professionals could use.

For those new to Forex there are video tutorials to take you through the first few trades, the platform also takes on a game like atmosphere to make everything as easy and fun as possible.

As you gain experience or for seasoned traders, there is a professional mode which continues to have the same functionality, but without the game like experience.

The spreads at eToro go down to 2 pips which is extremely competitive in the industry. Pips are basically the cost of trading, the difference between the bid and ask price. Many brokers will charge 5 pips as a standard. If you trade frequently this can become very expensive and eat into profits.

They also have a very reliable platform, which is essential. Many brokers in the industry also experience 'slippage' or re-quoting, which means that a trader cannot buy or sell at the price they wan,t and have to be re-quoted at a less advantageous price.

The customer service team are available 24 hours a day and they are focused on providing a community feel and have a lively forum for exchanging ideas.

There is also a full comprehensive training program and free practice accounts for those who would like to gain confidence, or develop their trading strategies.

Traders can start their first real money trades with as little as $50.

For more information on eToro you can visit this link.

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